Thursday, 21 March 2013

Did I miss anything ?

Phew, I've been out of circulation for a few weeks fighting the grim reaper so have missed the start of the meltdown of the EU. Typical luck ! Always away when the real excitement begins. Who would have thought that they would start dipping their greedy paws into people's life savings ? Well quite a lot of people thought it actually. It's the logical final step after they have tried everything else to keep the bankrupt system afloat. It'll all be sorted out by Monday though. The dry run on Cyprus didn't go according to plan as the people said 'No'. Frau Merkel needs re relected and wanted to be seen to be 'tough' but she will have to find another way to get elected. Being 'tough' on the people of Cyprus hasn't worked. Cyprus is bust as it was forced to take a 75% haircut on it's Greek Bonds in order to help it's 'EU colleagues'. No retrospective help for Cyprus though.

No sign of the UK protesting about the theft of UK citizens cash. A planeload of euros to keep the troops happy. That'll show em...

It was good to see the galloping Major Joyce (MP) getting stuck into the taxpayer subsidised bevvy again. I wonder if the former Army shiny will do the decent thing this time and stand down. Give some other red rosette from Falkirk a chance to feed at the trough for a couple of years instead. Armed Forces clerks were called shinies as their trouser arses were always shiny with sitting all day at their desks.

It took 12 London bobbies to carry him out of the parliamentary boozer this time compared to only 8 bobbies last year. Either Eric is putting on the beef or our police are getting weaker. They should re introduce the old rules for policemen. Six foot bruisers who you wouldn't mess with unless you had a death wish.

I don't have a death wish so can hopefully hold off the grim reaper ( with the help of the brilliant NHS ) for as long as possible.

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